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According to CNN, Silicon Valley investor Dave Asprey starts his day with a cocktail of about 15 nootropic pills to help combat “brain fog.” 

Just yesterday, the Huffington Post wondered in a headline if nootropics are the “Secret of the World’s Tech Billionaires?”

Improve Your Memory With Supplements

man_with_brainThe minute we are born into the world, the universe already begins to plan and chart out everything that we are potentially expected to do.

Our parents already have a timeline as to when to enter us into the schooling system, the schools we go to take a decade or so to prepare us for college, the college then in turn takes its own allocated time in deciding on whether we require any specific professional education or if we are capable enough to enter into the system where we are converted from human beings into money making entities.

Such is the universe that we live in and these are just a few simple examples of what is required of us.

If one would look into an ant farm; you would see that they are simplistic beings, even at birth they are already allocated positions into their society and for the rest of their ant lives they continue to do as expected, neither questioning their role nor having the position or authority to do so.

You will never see a slave ant become the king so on and so forth. However in retrospect, if you compare how different is it for human beings?

We hold within us an uncanny power to change not only our own future but also of those around us. How many times must you have heard of success stories where a poor farmer’s son became an established man in the society and earned the respect of the entire world.

How many a times do you hear that geniuses are born from humble albeit educational backgrounds?

Many times you hear success stories of how someone lost a tremendous amount of weight or that somebody managed to give themselves a complete makeover by converting their body into a muscular machine.

How do you think such feats are possible?

Is it simply a hidden opportunity which presents itself to such people who are chosen by the universe?


Things To Know: Nootropics Also Known As

Cognitive Enhancers, Brain BoostersSmart Drugs

No, it is more than that; it is the ability of these people to overcome their personal adversities and how does someone do that? It is all in the power of the mind.

It is with immense cognitive function that a man, woman or child choose to not only lead but also to determine their own future. To choose who they want to be and how they wish to be remembered by the world.

By now you must be thinking that not every human being holds this characteristic so surely there must be something unique to this, where this ability lies within only a precious few.

To choose who they want to be and how they wish to be remembered by the world. By now you must be thinking that not every human being holds this characteristic so surely there must be something unique to this, where this ability lies within only a precious few.

Congratulations because you are born into a time where there exist neuroscientists who work each day to break barriers and go further than they have ever before.

Neuroscientists have developed Nootropic supplements which make seemingly impossible feats possible today by literally rewiring the brain.

 What are Nootropics?

The word Nootropic origins in Greek where it translates to “towards the mind”. So it can be understood that nootropics are a supplement for the brain and that they work at balancing the brain or neurochemistry.

Nootropics are supplements which activate the brain and works to stimulate and increase the cognitive function of the individual who may be using it.

Nootropics are also known as smart drugs or brain boosting supplements which help individuals over come to their personal difficulties may they be related to learning, memory, personal potential etc.

There are 2 nootropics in particular which we are going to explore here which are Noocube and Muscletronic.

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Get ahead in Silicon Valley: take Nootropic Brain Supplements




Noocube dietary supplements have been specifically designed by neuroscientist to help individuals over come to their various learning difficulties.

It is a form of Nootropic where it works to realign the brain chemistry for deliverable results but before that let us understands how the brain works. The brain is made up of many cells and neurones each of which is in constant communication with each other.

The faster and smoother the conversation between these neurones is, the better and smarter the person is. It is important to understand that while the brain controls the entire body such a control is acquired only with a fluid network system where brain signals are communicated to the rest of the body with the help of neurotransmitters which essentially transmit signals of the brain to the rest of the body.

How does Noocube work?

noocube_bottleThe way Noocube works is that it consists a perfect concoction of ingredients which combined together prove to be instrumental in the growth of the brain’s strength.

NooCube consists within it Alpha GPC which is renowned for increasing brain’s ability to communicate by increasing the levels of Acetylcholine as it is a neurotransmitter which aids in learning and the memory function.

Huperzine A prevents the levels of Acetylcholine from dropping so essentially it works in perfect balance with Alpha GPC.

Cat’s claw ensures that the free radicals are controlled and provides antioxidants which help in repairing damaged brain cells. Bacopa Monnieri helps in repairing damaged neurones.

Oat straw increases blood flow towards the brain and L – Theanine and L – Tyrosine are amino acids which calm down the individual enough so that the individual should not be distracted or stressed and can increase concentration and focus on their deliverable.

Benefits of Noocube

As can be seen from above Noocube brain supplements helps an individual in focusing and channelling their energy on their deliverable, it literally makes the individual smart by repairing damaged cells and neurones.

It heps the individual manage his or her stress level, clear out the white noise in their heads and pay attention to the task at hand.

Lastly, Noocube helps individuals overcome their learning disabilities and enhances cognitive and memory function.

Expected Results

Noocube brain boosting supplements should be taken orally nearly half an hour before starting the task which you believe you need help in, it could be learning for an exam, preparing for a presentation or going in for a sales call or an important business meeting. Once consumed, Noocube will continue to be in effect until about 8 to 10 hours.

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Nootropics are quickly become the most fashionable (and, as of this writing, still legal) drug of 2016.



All of us hold within ourselves the dream to have perfect bodies, now the idea of what perfect is, is altogether relative to the individual being spoken to.

Some people want to lose weight, some people desire to gain weight and other people still are a different breed as they wish to enhance their bodies. How is such enhancement then possible?

Does one hit the gym 23 out of 24 hours to achieve such a look? In essence for anyone who has ever thought of body building and if you ever ask those currently practicing it, you would realize that these people would tell you it is a lifestyle where you have to maintain a certain balance in what you eat, where you go, how you live and to a certain extent how you think.

The biggest difficulties one faces while attempting to build muscle is to maintain their fat to muscle ratio in the body and this struggle sometimes demotivates people where they feel that the task at hand may be near to unachievable.

However, there is no need to worry because there is a product in the market which is just the right thing you have been hoping for.

How does Muscletronic Work?

muscletronic_bottleMuscletronic is a supplement which helps to enhance muscle in the individual’s body. The manufacturers preparing Muscletronic understood that the prime difficulty faced by a body builder in the inability to maintain a perfect balanced ratio of fat to muscle in the body.

Muscletronic works in two main ways; firstly it works as a fat burner secondly, it increases your basal metabolic rate which means that your body is in its active exercise state even when you may not be.

Once the excess fat is taken care of; simultaneously Muscletronic activates protein synthesis which ensures that any damaged muscles are repaired and enhances muscle re-growth.

Muscletronic is, in fact, a Nootropic smart drug which consists of carefully balanced ingredients which help in achieving the perfect body, some of these ingredients are Alpha-GPC which as explained earlier ensures that the neurotransmitter called acetylcholine communicates to the body that proper muscle contractions need to take place in order to avoid any muscle injury.

Vitamin B Complex present in Muscletronic helps regulate carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the body. Alpha Lipoic Acid helps in increasing the absorption of glucose in the body and ensuring that food is not converted into fat.

Forskolin Extract helps in building adequate levels of testosterone for the purpose of body building. Rhodiola Rosea (Golden Root) helps in the body being relaxed from the extreme pressures of body building so that a person remains motivated to the body building lifestyle.

Caffeine and Citrus Aurantium influence and enhance blood flow while heating up the body. L-Theanine helps in reduction of cramps. Piperine causes the body to be alert, awake and be focused.

Benefits of Muscletronic

Muscletronic helps the individual in building muscle by burning fat. It boosts the individual to remain motivated, to not be stressed, and to feel an immense drive to keep hitting the gym.

Muscletronic will help ensure that the body has energy and does not experience fatigue. Lastly like any Nootropic drug; muscletronic will too enhance cognitive function.

Expected results

Muscletronic nootropic supplements are cognitive enhancers so it will ensure that adequate neurochemistry based changes are made in the brain to positively ensure that the individual can build muscle in a completely natural way within the span of 4 to 8 weeks.

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It should be remembered that Nootropics are smart drugs which essentially rewire the brain’s chemistry; therefore these drugs should be taken seriously only at the recommended dosage level.

Over dosing on these drugs will not show faster results, as a matter of fact, it may lead to complications.

Individuals suffering from any disease, allergy or illness should seek their medical practitioner’s advice before starting up with the intake of any Nootropic brain booster supplements.

Cognitive enhancement drugs may make some of us nervous, but most of usaccept caffeine as a perfectly legitimate perk-me-up. Millions of us will profess to being nonfunctional without coffee, and just a tad too much makes us jittery as hell.

Nootropics may just be the next iteration of caffeine. If cognitive enhancement is the future, then nootropics users are the ones pushing it forward, DIY-style.

Illustration by Jim Cooke


Nootropics (best brain supplements) are an interesting and potentially very useful class of drugs which deserve further research. Their greatest potential is likely in various states of neurological disease or injury.

Their use as smart pills, however, is dubious from a plausibility standpoint and lacks sufficient evidence.

The searching of Diet Pills can only make you fit from the outside but the best nootropic supplements make your sharper and confident from inside!

Their use as smart pills, however, is dubious from a plausibility standpoint and lacks sufficient evidence.

So that’s it! I hope that was helpful.



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