2017’s Best Smart Drugs and Nootropic Supplements

Humans in the past few years have progressed a lot. This progress has been vehemently aided by the help of machines and other electronics. This massive progress has meant that the pattern and style of work at the workplace has changed minutely. The onus is now not on physical excursion as a lot of mental effort is also required.

This mental effort is brought forward by the hassles of multi tasking which has become a must in today’s world. Multi tasking does not only require efficiency of the highest level but also requires a certain amount of mental excursion to be done.

The high demand at work has meant that many workers are prone to the sufferings of limitless mental pressure. Marketers have found the underlying need amongst the masses and have come forwards with various different ideas.

The ideas spring from dietary supplements that will aid an average individual with the everyday effort. One such idea which has created a magnificent ripple effect amongst consumers is Nootropic or smart drugs.

Nootropics are basically supplements that aid in an increased mental performance through the use of 100 percent natural and effective ingredients. These ingredients are inculcated to create a variety of flavors that make up for a brilliant and effective experience.

The smart drugs have won over a decent amount of support from the users because of the fact that they provide a user friendly experience without the hassles of any major side effects.

Nootropics come in various different brands and types as different promoters have used the natural ingredients to create different flavors and mixes.

All of these different types of Nootropics provide an effective blend of natural ingredients but two products that stand out for being the best representation of Nootropics with exemplary effectiveness in 2017:


Noocube is an energetic and perfect solution to the ever increasing problem of mental pressure. Being a Nootropic, Noocube showcases all of the attributes that a smart drug should have. Most importantly Noocube has garnered interest for being a very safe and reliable option.

The success spring’s from the fact that Noocube is a synergetic blend of perhaps the best natural ingredients beneficial for the oiling of the brain.

Noocube promises and delivers a wide range of benefits to the average consumer. The benefits range from better mental functioning to a possible end to the mental pressure associated with multi tasking.

People who suffer from the highest form of mental pressure through the tough jobs they do or while trying to make ends meet find solace in the blessing that is Noocube.


The product has a brilliant set of the best Nootropics as ingredients. The ingredients are perhaps the most important aspect that makes Noocube come across as a suitable and effective buy for the consumer. The ingredients are all beneficial and proven to be effective in their own right but the perfect blend created by Noocube makes for the perfect end product.

The ingredients that are used in the making of one of the best Nootropics are:

  • Huperzine A: Huperzine A is basically an extract from the very beneficial Chinese Moss Plant. The ingredient is believed to boost an increase in the level of acetylcholine present in the brain. This is done because Huperzine A is an active AcHe inhibitor. In short Huperzine A leads to better mental clarity and increased thinking ability. Most importantly, due to better mental clarity the ability of cognitive functioning within the brain is increased to levels which will make you proud of both your choice and your brain.
  • Cats Claw: Extracted from a vine plant that originates in the Amazon, Cats Claw is believed to have a significant effect on your overall mental performance. Cats Claw has been tested and found effective in restoring the DNA damage on cells with the passage of time. This DNA damage can increase the overall functioning of the brain and can lead to decreased performance. The ingredient helps counter this problem by providing the perfect solution in the form of repair to the cells which will at the end of the day increase your decreasing performance.
  • Alpha GPC: This very renowned ingredient is believed to increase the level of acetylcholine in the brain. As mentioned above, acetylcholine increases the clarity of the brain and can lead to better overall performance. Alpha GPC helps in increasing that level which then leads to better transmission and overall performance in the brain.
  • OAT Straw: The oat straw basically comes from wild Oats found in farmlands. This specific ingredient has been considered as a brain booster since the middle ages as it was part of the ancient medicines. The ingredient increases the Alpha-2 waves within the brain which are particularly helpful during times of wakefulness as they remain active throughout. The increased blood flow due to the ingredient makes you feel alert and active which is an encouraging sign.


Noocube has a wide range of benefits many of which spring from the fact that the product is a Nootropic. Other benefits that come from the blend of the above mentioned highly effective ingredients also play an important part in making Noocube one of the best smart drugs of 2017. The benefits of this perfect product are:

  • Sharpened memory: The usage of Noocube shows a very noticeable increase in the memory level of an individual. The memory is an important aspect of brain performance and is linked with different skills in the workplace.
  • Better communication: Multi-tasking receives a major boost due to the use of Noocube. A lot of different things are covered in multi tasking, better communication being one of them.
  • Increased Concentration: The level of concentration increases greatly due to the lissome list of ingredients.
  • More mental energy: Mental energy is a prerequisite to greatness and noocube provides you with just that. The increased mental energy provided by Noocube can lead you to the greatness that you desire.
  • Risk free use: No side effects because of natural ingredients.

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Not a lot of products can catch the eyes of the consumers within a short period of time. Brainpills is a product that comes within the rare bracket of products which create a ripple of demand within the consumers for being the product they desire.

A Nootropic by nature, Brainpills is basically a smart drug catering to the needs of people suffering from relentless mental pressure and excursion. Like all Nootropics, Brainpills can also boost of the best natural ingredients that are the best fit for the needs of people.


The ingredients come from the best natural resources that create the perfect desired change in the life of the consumers. Tired of the everyday mental pressure, people come towards the much sought for supplements like Brainpills.

This supplement, through the exemplary set of ingredients makes for the perfect solution to the long lying problem. These ingredients are proven to produce results and get the desired results without the need for doing anything extra. So, the essential components of brainpills are:

  • Cognizin: A water soluble ingredient, Cognizin makes way for citicoline which is a very tested and proven ingredient. The ingredient is believed to have a lasting and wishful impact on the vital functioning of the brain. Cognizin also increases the production of Neurotransmitters present in the brain. Furthermore, cognizin also tremendously delays the damage to the brain cell membrane.
  • Vinpocetine: A very effective ingredient extracted from the prewinkle plant, Vinpocetine is a useful ingredient and effective part of the mix. The ingredient is used to increase and enhance the memory of the brain and to bring forth a change in cognition.
  • Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is a renowned part of the vitamin family for health benefits related to red blood cells. The fact that makes Vitamin B12 a part of this rich blend is because of its attributes to protect the brain from shrinking with the passing of time.


Being a nootropic and a smart drug, Brainpills boosts of a very exemplary list of benefits. These benefits are:

  • Improved focus on work: You will be able to focus on work regardless of the time of the day. More focus will lead to better performance.
  • Better performance while not fully active: People find working in conditions like jet lag and a slight headache comparatively harder but brainpill puts an end to that as you can display the same increased performance in these conditions as well.
  • More alert and awake: Working long hours can be a mess but not if you are taking brainpills. The sense of being alert and awake throughout working hours is promised through the use of the product.
  • Safe use: BrainPills do not produce any adverse or negative effect, of course, because of the natural ingredients it contains!

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Nootropics have come a long way from where they started, this progress can be called as commendable but the effectiveness of the product has a lot to do with the increased demand among potentially new buyers. All in all, Nootropics or smart drugs are on the rise and it can be said that Noocube and Brainpills are 2017’s best smart drugs and Nootropic supplements!