Cognitive and Memory Enhancer Drugs


Brain Enhancing Drugs: Do They Work?

Do brain enhancing drugs work? Do they really improve memory, focus and mental energy? Are they worth the risks? Learn about their safety and effectiveness.

Cognitive Enhancers, Neuroenhancers, or Nootropics / How well we perform any physical or mental task is greatly dependent upon our mental state. Clearly, a peaceful state of mind is extremely important for a superior performance. Basically, there is a connection between our brain and body, and any condition that affects our brain tends to consequent in affecting our physical abilities as well. Likewise, mental conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety etc can negatively impact the way we carry out our tasks and restrict our potentials to outclass them.

Nowadays, where life is becoming more and more demanding and challenging, mental conditions are becoming more and more common. Stress, mood swings and problems with focus and concentration are commonly witnessed in every second person. Such problems, as said, serve as a barrier for them to think and perform outside their boundaries. Despite having a competitive spirit, such individuals lack the drive to outshine which often results in making them discouraged and hopeless. This is when cognitive enhancers prove to be the savior.

How can we enhance working memory?

Cognitive enhancers are the tools that help people think and work above the par. In simpler words, these are the supplements that intent to enhance your cognitive functions, which consequents in a better physical/ mental performance. Also known as smart drugs and Nootropics, these cognitive enhancers are commonly used for their abilities to boost the brain power! Moreover, these help in strengthening the connection between our mind and brain, so that a healthy mind can lead to better and improved physical performances.

There are many cognitive enhancers that are mostly prescribed by neurologist. Some of these cause adverse effects on health; however there are some cognitive enhancers that are free from health related complications. What makes these safe is the fact that these are formulated using natural components that have no intense effects on health. It is for this reason; these can also be used without the need of doctor’s permission as these work similar to the any other nutritional supplement you take to improve your health.


As a neuroscientist whose research focuses in part on how the human brain can actually do this, I will often get asked how one might improve their less-than-optimal working memory.

You may come across several cognitive enhancers that more or less, work similarly. Generally, these supplements intend to improve the reception or creation of neurotransmitter in the brain. If you do not know what neurotransmitter are, then let me tell you what it is!

Basically, neurotransmitters are the signals send by our brain in regard to perform various tasks such as feeling pleased, focusing or recalling something. An increase in these signals has a positive impact on our cognitive abilities, such as concentration, memory, mood and learning which ultimately leads to a better performance.

Here, I would like to add an example of a very effective cognitive enhancer, by the name of muscletronic. Muscletronic is a performance supplement that works brilliantly to improve your mental abilities. It simply synchronizes the mind and body for you to outdo your tasks! Not just this supplement helps with this very purpose, however can be used to lose body fats and for the building of muscles. Yeah, this multipurpose supplement is an exceptional!

In a statement a spokesman for Universities UK, an organisation representing university vice-chancellors, said: ‘We would be very concerned if the impression were given that most students at UK universities are now taking ‘smart drugs’. DailyMail

MUSCLETRONIC – Boost your brain power

muscletronic-supplementWell, let me tell you, muscletronic is extremely powerful, more than you may have even imagine. The strong and potent nootropic agent this supplement possesses helps to sharpen the mind, which ultimately boosts mood, drive, attention and motivation. Saying this would not be wrong that it works like oil our brain needs to work smoothly, like the engine of a car!

With the improvement in your cognitive abilities, the mind-body connection tends to strengthen and you are enabled with the power to perform to surpass all the obstacles coming in your way.

That is, you can now have a challenging body and mind, like a challenging spirit you had before! Simply use muscletronic and make the impossible possible by omitting your boundaries!

“The drugs would get stronger and stronger due to increased demand of performance. Addictions would ensue. People would not be able to live without them. Employers would demand their employees to be constantly using them.” BBC


Clearly, its ingredients are what make this cognitive enhancer so effective. Not just these work powerfully, but also ensure your health is not taken granted. Few of these ingredients are:


Alpha-GPC accelerates the creation of neurotransmitters in your brain. Indeed, the improvement in the making of neurotransmitter is good for your mental health. With these, our abilities to learn, concentrate, focus enhances. Not just this, users will also experience an improvement in their memory.


Golden root, caffeine, L-theanine and citrus aurantium extract are also the potent ingredients proven to enhance our mental capacity. Plus, golden root and l-theanine hold the potential to boost your mood and can help you prevent mood swings.

“I do think we’ve undervalued them. The Academy of Medical Sciences report in 2008 showed that even a small 10% improvement in a memory score could lead to a higher A-level grade or degree class, and that is a big improvement.

Final Verdict:

So, the best cognitive enhancer in town is muscletronic. It has been recently introduced in the market and is receiving good response. So, if you have high spirits but want to give your mind a boost, get yourself muscletronic!

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