Muscletronic Review


Muscletronic – A Multipurpose Body Building Supplement

Are you one of those several people who spend their lifetime staring ever so enviously at the well built ripped bodies of their counter parts? Do you chronically avoid going to beach and pool parties as you feel far inferior in comparison to the ridiculously ripped bodies of those around you? Well you need to get over this inferiority complex and start moving in the right direction because your case is not helpless. Irrespective of what height and weight you are, there is now available in the market a solution that will help you acquire the body that you have always dreamt of. So let us look at what a ripped body comprises of? For a well built body one must ensure that they do not fall into two kinds of traps specifically the first being the skinny weak trap and the second being the fat weak trap. Most people wrongly assume that being well built is all about looking the part so they reduce themselves to shortcuts which are far more damaging to their body and is almost equivalent to slow poisoning. To be well built is not only about how you look but it is also about how you feel and carry yourself.

Every person is born with a basic physical structure it is the equivalent of having a mold to work with. The real struggle is not how to gain muscle but how to build muscle while retaining energy and mind strength. Becoming ripped and building muscle is a lifestyle change that can very well take time and patience to take place and one needs to be extra careful while doing so. Thankfully the market has now a safe and secure solution which can help enhance your muscle in a healthy and safe way. Where over a certain period of time you would see your frail bony self develop muscle along with appropriate strength and energy. This product is known as Muscletronic and it is a muscle enhancer supplement.


  • muscletronic-supplementIt helps increase your overall body strength
  • You will find that despite the exhaustion of working out you will still have more energy
  • You will witness an increase in your span of attention and focus
  • You will experience a drive to keep pushing
  • A build up of lean muscle mass
  • Increase your motivation to hit the gym
  • Fat will burn faster
  • You will be less stressed
  • You will experience a boost in your overall mood
  • Last but not least your cognitive function will be enhanced tremendously

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How it works

Muscletronic is no ordinary muscle enhancer supplement because a lot of work and thought went into it at the time of production. The first thought was, what are the common people looking for in a muscle enhancer? Muscletronic understands that a person who wishes to build his or her body desire for the excess fat to not be stored in their body as a prime concern for this purpose muscletronic boosts insulin sensitivity and your basal metabolic rate ensuring that it acts as a solid fat burner.

In effect when your basal metabolic rate is enhanced it means that even when you are resting or not really exercising your fat is still being stimulated to burn. Once the issue of fat is resolved the next problem area becomes on how to exactly gain muscle; this is where Muscletronic works at its best because it starts to boost protein synthesis in the body. Muscles are made of protein and because they are usually fragile therefore they tend to get damaged during workouts while their repair and regrowth takes time.


Muscletronic Ingredients

Muscletronic has catered to this particular feature and ensured that it causes increased protein synthesis which would result in faster muscle repair and growth.

Muscletronic is a 360 solution for you because not only does it burn fat and enhance muscle but it also remembers to stimulate your cognitive function which yields in you having more energy to do all that is on your checklist and much more.

The muscle enhancer supplement called Muscletronic consists of ingredients such as Alpha-GPC, Vitamin B Complex, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Forskolin Extract, Golden Root, Caffeine, L-Theanine, Citrus Aurantium and Piperine. Let us have a closer look at these ingredients to be able to gauge exactly how do they combine to become this one supplement which is both powerful and incredibly effective.

  1. Alpha-GPC

While working out the biggest challenge is to keep pushing to the point where our muscles may begin to feel as if they are being punished, in such scenarios if a muscle does not contract in time it can lead to a cramp or a painful injury. Our body’s muscles receive communication through neurotransmitters which are essentially chemical messengers in the body. Acetylcholine is one such neurotransmitter and Alpha-GPC helps in enhancing the production of acetylcholine in the body which result in proper muscle contractions

  1. Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex is an extreme essential for the body which helps regulate carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the body ensuring that all these items are convertible into positive energy. Vitamin B Complex helps the body in making new healthy cells, helps protect the immune system, works as an antioxidant, manage bodily levels of cholesterol, breaking down of fats and control blood glucose levels.

  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid

During and in between work outs, the body’s demand for energy increases rapidly; this demand is only met when essential extra nutrients are provided to the body as and when needed. This particular point is taken care of by Alpha Lipoic Acid also know as ALA, which helps in enhancing glucose absorption by the body. It also ensures that all food taken in is utilized by the body instead of being converted into fat.

  1. Forskolin Extract

For the body to build itself a certain level of testosterone is required as it helps in building muscle faster and additionally it also helps in reduction of body fat. Forskolin extract is quite often even taken in individual capacity for the purpose of body building.

  1. Rhodiola Rosea (Golden Root)

Rhodiola Rosea or Golden Root is a plant of the Crassulaceae family which works best in helping the body de-stress and relax. Body building can at times be very stressful and very demanding;  whereas when results are not immediately visible then it can even demotivate the person. Therefore here is where Golden Root comes in because it helps the person overcome their short ends and remain motivated.

  1. Caffeine

Everyone knows the magic that caffeine can do once it enters into the system, many people actual function wholly and solely because of the presence of caffeine in their lives so it is obvious that caffeine plays a very important role in boosting one’s energy level. This is done when caffeine stimulates the body to pump more blood through a process of thermogenesis and lipolysis, where essentially the body heats up from within and burns the fat all the while converting it into energy.

  1. L-Theanine

Body building would not be possible if there is not an adequate blood supply all around the body. This is because blood is the carrier of both nutrition as well as oxygen to all parts of the body. L-Theanin is an amino acid which in effect helps with blood flow supply. When muscles are well nutritioned then the workout can be longer and more effective as the chances for cramps are ridiculously reduced.

  1. Citrus Aurantium

Citrus Aurantium is yet another stimulant which works side by side with caffeine to enhance the metabolism, stimulate the body and cause the body to burn fat often in a safe and healthy manner.

  1. Piperine

Anyone who eats chillies know what kind of an effect they have; they instantly shock your system into being wide awake and completely focused. Piperine does exactly that as it is an extract found in black pepper. It helps the body absorb all the ingredients of Muscletronic quickly to ensure fast results.


How to use it

Muscletronic is to be take in a cyclic fashion where in the first go it is to be taken for 12 to 16 weeks following which the user is supposed to take a break from it for about 1 to 2 weeks. After the downtime the user may start the next cycle. On a daily basis, here is how to use Muscletronic:-

First 5 days

If you are not working out then have only 2 capsules after waking up. However if you are going to work out in the first 5 days of starting on this supplement then simply take 2 capsules half an hour before starting your exercise regime.

After the first 5 days

After the first 5 initial days have passed then you have to keep 2 regimes in mind i.e. if you are not working out then have 2 capsules after waking up and 2 capsules after lunch. However if you are working out then simply take 2 capsules after waking up and 2 capsules half an hour before starting your exercise regime.

Expected Results

Within the first cycle of Muscletronic you will begin to observe clear changes in yourself; you will have an improved cognitive function, more stamina and energy to hit the gym for a longer time period without breaking down into exhaustion and fatigue. Additionally you will also begin to see lean muscle and cuts begin to develop in your body and you will immediately have something to boast about.

Any side effects

Muscletronic is a muscle enhancer and it should be remembered at the time of consumption that this is not a magic pill which will show results over night. Additionally due to the presence of caffeine in muscletronic, ensure that any other supplement that you may be having should not have caffeine in it as too much of this stimulant could cause headaches. Do not have Muscletronic upto 5 hours before going to bed. Also consult your medical practitioner before taking Muscletronic in case if you have a pre existing heart condition, are pregnant or are breast feeding.

Where to buy it online

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