Nootropic Stacks


If you are totally unaware about what nootropic stack is and why it is used, then let me help you! Basically, nootropic stack is the compilation of certain nootropics done for the enhancement of results. Clearly, some nootropic works even better when their usage is combined with others. Reason for this lies in the fact that there are many of these which complement each other and leads to superior results when used in conjunction.

Let’s suppose, if a particular nootropic has proven to improve the results of another nootopic, then the combination will lead to more improved results.


Well, if you have a question like this in your mind, then let me help you again! Mentioned below is a guide that will assist you in deciding the nootropics you can use for the stacking purpose. Basically, there are two types of nootropic stacks, one that is already made for you, that is the pre-made stack, and the second is making your own stack. To help you better understand what each of these actually are, mention below are their short descriptive, have a look:


Pre-made stacks are the stacks that have been already prepared for the users. You can simply purchase these stacks and use them. The best thing about this type of stack is that these are rightly figured and accurately leveled for the users. So, for the beginners, pre-made stacks are the best option.



If you have a deep know-how about nootropics, then you can make your own stack and benefit from it. Before you do that, it is extremely important to do some research work from your end. That is, what nootropics can prove more effective if used in stack, or their dosages. If you have used nootropics in the past, then you may have idea what dosages have yielded best results for you.

Before you make your own stack, it is extremely important that few points are cleared in your mind. For example, the results you are expecting from the stack, the time duration you will be using the stack etc. If you are a beginner and have no knowledge about stacking, then you can always take advice from your doctor. After your desired outcomes are cleared in your mind, you can then concentrate on the sets of nootropics that can help you yield those results. If you are new to nootropic, then let me be very clear with you. Their advantages are cumulative and expecting them to work magically is completely wrong. Thus, remained patient and wait for some weeks. Moreover, it is better to begin with a particular or two nootropics at a time. You can then slowly add another; once your body starts to adapt and respond to the combination.


Every stack leads to results that are different from the results generated by another stack. However, prior making a stack for yourself, you must learn which nootropics do well in combination. Mentioned below are few steps that will assist you in preparing an effective stack for yourself. Have a look:


Undoubtedly, racetams are the most effective nootropic you would ever come across. For the innumerable benefits these lead to, racetams are commonly chosen as a significant part of nootropic stacks. For the starters, piracetam is a good choice as others are stronger for them at this stage. Gradually, such individuals can then step onto other racetams such as oxiracetam or aniracetam.


While your body is supplied with other nootropics, getting sufficient choline is extremely important at this point. Added levels of acetylcholine tend to enhance your cognitive abilities; which in turn, improve your physical and mental performances. Thus, foods that are a good source of choline must be added in your diet for your body to receive the needed amount.

Interestingly, receiving sufficient amount of choline from the diet is sometimes impossible, as you need to take that food sources in excessive quantities. For example, egg is a source of choline, however you need to take at least five to six eggs every day in order to receive the needed amount of choline. This is of course, not the right approach. So, what can be done? Well, you can go for a choline supplement in other case. You can simply stack racetam with the particular compound high in this nutrient, an example includes centrophenoxine.


Some individuals do not prefer herbal nootropics as according to them, these are not powerful enough to generate results. Well, I strongly disagree with this. Herbal nootropics are effective and have great benefits for the users. Some are proven to improve memory, focus and synaptic plasticity. L-theanine, bacopa and caffeine are few known and effective nootropics.  Users can use them separately, if not, they can purchase these nootropics in a pre-stacked set.



  1. For beginners, Piracetam in combination with choline can prove to be an effective stack. Clearly speaking, the usage of these in combination triggers superior and enhanced results. Basically, their usage facilitates the creation of neurotransmitters which leads to an improvement in our cognitive functions.

  2. L-theanine with caffeine is also a good nootropic stack you can try. It is mild in nature and thus can be used every day. The stack is proven to improve physical power for you to perform your physical tasks more rigorously. In addition to this, this very stack can also help to enhance your mood and avert mood swings. Advanced users can add several racetams in order to receive more benefits.

You can simply purchase these supplements from online means. Clearly speaking, these are easy on the pocket and yields favorable results. The best thing about using herbal nootropics is the fact that these leads to NO side effects.

In case you have not tried nootropic ever in your life, then I would suggest you to go with a particular one at first. You can gradually add more if your body responds well to it!